Yoga Wheel PRO
Yoga Wheel PRO
Yoga Wheel PRO
Yoga Wheel PRO
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Yoga Wheel PRO

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✔️ Yoga Wheel PRO Improves Your Flexibility. 

If you add the Yoga Wheel PRO to your yoga routine you will have more confidence to stretch further.
It improves the mobility of your hip flexors which are important to master backbends and inversions. This will give you in a very short period of time a lot of breakthroughs.


✔️ Relieves Aches and Pains

Certain poses with a Yoga Wheel PRO can help diminish any aches and pains at the front of the body including the abdomen, chest, shoulders and hips.

It's also brilliant for easing back pain and works wonders to massage the length of your spine - no professional masseuse needed.

✔️ It helps to do difficult stretches more safely and prevent injury

Backbends and inversions are challenging postures and many of us avoid them.
Yoga Wheel PRO is a simple and safe way to ease people into these types of asana.

It keeps you upright and gives you the support that traditional poses cannot offer with traditional props or with no props.

✔️ It gives you dynamic support and better breathing

Yoga Wheel PRO allows simultaneous extension and flexion of the spine. Due to the comparatively large contact surface, your spine experiences guided extension and stable support in backbends. This contributes immensely to the preservation and promotion of a healthy spine.

✔️ It gives you more variety in yoga poses

When we practice on our mat, we normally work in closed systems. Both feet and hands are on the mat and do not slip. If we change that geometry and put the Yoga Wheel PRO under one leg, a lot more muscle groups need to be active to hold the position. A closed system has now become an open system, requiring more power, balance and coordination. The practice becomes more intense and has greater variety.

✔️ It makes you stronger

Yoga Wheel PRO will build up your strength and stamina. In a very short time of practicing with the yoga wheel, you will feel much stronger and healthier.


✔️ Experiment With Challenging Poses. 


Why Yoga Wheel PRO

-It's Gym Tested & Studio Durable-
Yoga Wheel PRO is ready to support the demands of elite athletes and beginners alike. Reliable products that can see you through countless uses. 5mm padding thickness provides a luxurious feel without sacrificing stability

-Anti Slip-
The natural texture provided by rubber interlayer + PP considered vegan ensures grip no matter the training circumstance; from a simple stretch to the most intense hot yoga session the cork will provide unparalleled traction.

-Mindful Construction-
Padding is constructed from thermoplastic polymer and Plant-Based Natural Rubber, providing a non-toxic, naturally soft, breathable, biodegradable, and HAP-free wheel without sacrificing quality. The structural ring is made of ABS plastic, a harmless plastic (same as LEGO) while providing a rigid wheel.

This premium color wheel has a diameter of 13” (32.5cm) and a width of 5” (13cm)

 Supports Up To 500LBS (250 KG).

Applicable scene: Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Workout, Health massage

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I love this yoga wheel! The cushion is super soft! Back does not hurt on it! I would recommend it


A very versatile fitness tool for practicing yoga and other types of flexibility moves and stretching. Very good quality.


Exactly as in the picture. Tried it - love it


Very good quality and fast shipping, recommended.


Product arrived within expected and same as advertised.